Private Investigative Services

BackGround Investigative Services, Inc. (hereinafter “BISI”), is a fully Licensed and Insured Private Detective Agency in the States of Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey, with reciprocity in California, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and, Investigative Agency contacts in the Country of Mexico. Our client’s objectives and concerns are paramount to our mission as a professional agency. We investigate diligently to provide our clients with the facts, uncover reasonable doubt, establish credibility or the lack thereof, furnish evidence, testify in court, locate persons, and at all times commit ourselves to discrete and confidential investigations.

BISI investigators have decades of experience with criminal and civil cases. Death investigations, corporate cases, insurance fraud, missing persons, major thefts, sexual harassment, infidelity, digital forensics, to name just a few. Any and all cases are assigned to investigators eager to discover the facts; be it to establish culpability or innocence. There are no shortcuts, we investigate with the fervor our clients deserve.

Decisions carry consequences

And nothing compounds matters more, than an entity that decides to routinely conduct investigations with internal personnel. Such investigations will always be subject to attack on the grounds that they were biased and subjective and that is not conducive to resolving potentially explosive situations which are fraught with exposure to litigation.

BISI is experienced

In handling the most complex investigations and intelligence gathering operations. As stated above, all assignments are conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality by licensed private investigators with time proven extensive experience in the profession.

BISI agents

Perform a variety of investigative services to legally and lawfully conduct any probe necessitated by our clients. We are former law enforcement officers who have received formal training in our respective field of expertise and we are trained to identify, collect, analyze evidence, conduct interviews and take sworn statements.

We investigate

The identity, reputation, conduct, affiliations, associations, movements, and whereabouts of just about any person including employees, business partners, spouses, boy/girlfriends, relatives, debtors, witnesses and more. We also specialize in death investigations, missing person, background checks, computer forensics, information gathering and investigative research. We combine equipment and technology with experienced and trained private investigators and that has culminated in our Agency becoming the preeminent choice for investigative services. Please contact our office at 1-888-408-0007 or email us for additional information.