From Fortune 200 companies to the person on the street, BackGround Investigative Services, Inc. (hereinafter “BISI”), provides prompt and confidential quality services for your Investigative/Security needs. We are Private Investigative and Security Agencies that provide prompt and professional services for all our clients. Experienced in all facets of the profession, the founder of BISI has attained Law Enforcement Certifications in Illinois and Florida after successfully attending their extensive law enforcement academies. BISI, moreover, is a multi-licensed and insured Investigative/Security Agency in the states of Florida/Illinois/New Jersey (reciprocity in others) which only utilizes those committed to excellence in their respective professions. Our professional personnel have access to a multiplicity of sources statewide and across the country to expedite and facilitate any Investigative/Security challenges besetting you and/or organization.

If you represent a business that needs Investigative/Security Consultation; believe that your significant other is cheating; a loved one is missing; you’ve been a victim of a crime; you’ve been falsely accused of wrongdoing; have been defrauded; and/or, need to establish your innocence – please contact us now. If you necessitate personal and/or property security, please call our office immediately or submit a service form provided on this site and we will contact you right away.

We promise a zealous commitment to your concerns and needs that will not subside until we deliver services that go beyond and above the standards of the profession. BISI offers 24 hour, 7 days per week onsite Armed/Un-Armed security and security patrol services. These services are complemented with an array of add-on options including Private Investigations, Personal Protection Services, Private Process Services, Alarm Monitoring/Response and Special Event Security, again, to name a few.

The President of BISI has attained Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor Degrees; he has had the privilege of working in conjunction with local, state, and federal agencies in multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, he leads and brings his thirty-plus years experience which spans from employment as a police officer in a major metropolitan police department (see photo “About” tab) – all the way to serving clients represented in all facets of the private sector. If you need a first-rate Criminal-Civil Investigation and/or Private Security Services anywhere in the state of Florida, please contact our office at 1-888-408-0007 or email us for additional information.